Dawn of Global Government


Immitate those now gone, who with utmost intensity protected liberty.

1955 – 2015

Michael Adam was a Christian, a husband, a father of five young daughters, a Central Texas cattle rancher, a former Army Scout/LRRP Ranger, co-owner of a self defense shooting company, and a Master Rifle Instructor, and Board Member of The Appleseed Project.

After spending many years, living out in the middle of nowhere in Central Texas, yelling at the radio and TV with no apparent affect on the outside world, he got involved with a brand new all volunteer, grass roots organization that was just starting up called, “The Appleseed Project.” He began teaching and interacting with liberty minded folks who attended Appleseeds, at events all over the United States. Since that time six years ago, he was able to personally bring the Appleseed message of Rifle Marksmanship, and what being a “Rifleman” and an American really means to thousands of folks who have attended Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Weekends.

The Appleseed Project has the absolute best Fundementals of Rifle Marksmanship Program in the United States today. While teaching students to shoot better than 99.9999% of their fellow American rifle owners, Appleseed tells folks that while they might be citizens, simply by having a piece of paper with their name on it, in order to actually be an American, you have to accept, and then act on, the sacred responsibility of safeguarding the liberties, the rights and the freedoms that living in this nation affords them.

Appleseed wants to teach Americans about their responsibilities, and then teach them how to become “Riflemen.”

Becoming a “Rifleman” is not about scoring a 210 or above when shooting the Army Qualification Test. That will get you a Rifleman patch, but it does not make you a “Rifleman”. Becoming a Rifleman is about becoming the absolute best person you can be. The best marksman, the best husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, the best Patriot, the best American you can be. Making things better in your home, your community, your county, your state and in your nation.

Appleseed teaches this every weekend of the year at a location within reasonable driving distance of anyone who wishes to attend an event, all across the United States. Every weekend. Michael divided his time between teaching at Appleseeds, teaching at his self defense shooting company, trying to get the cattle to submit to his authority and constantly learning about life from his five daughters.