Dawn of Global Government


Michael Badnarik was born in Hammond, Indiana in 1954. His parents, John and Elaine, built their house when Michael was two, and they still live there today. Michael has two younger brothers, Chuck and Steve.

Michael joined the Cub Scouts when he was six and remained a Scout for twelve years. As an adult he volunteered as a Scoutmaster for ten years. He still adheres strongly to the same moral code he learned as a boy and the Scout motto: “Be Prepared.”

While attending Indiana University, Michael was Red Cross Advanced First Aid instructor, CPR instructor, and Water Safety Instructor trainer. He has also been a certified scuba and skydiving instructor and has worked professionally as a computer programmer and technical trainer for most of his career.

Michael has worked in the nuclear power industry for twelve years, eventually writing software for a nuclear control room simulator. Eventually he moved to California to write simulation software for the Stealth Bomber. While working for a software company in Austin, Texas, he travelled frequently to England, Canada, and Australia as part of his duties.

In 2004 at the urging of several close friends, Michael began a campaign for President of the United States and subsequently won the Libertarian Party’s nomination. In 2006 he ran a congressional campaign and raised $400,000 which was ten times more than his Democratic opponent. He also had a popular internet radio program for two years, and spent eighteen years working as a cowboy on a cattle ranch.

It is his sincere hope that he can use his communication skills to convince the general public that most of what our government does is unconstitutional. It is time for us to relearn the principles that made our country great and Michael is just the person who can do it. With charm, talent, and dedication, he is determined to make this country as great as it once was. He offers in depth classes on The Constitution. His life is now dedicated to fighting for Liberty.