Dawn of Global Government


Kitty Werthmann, 89, is president of the South Dakota Eagle Forum. She has been a lobbyist in the SD state legislature on family issues. She has lived in the United States since 1950 and has been a U.S. citizen for 52 years. Her conservative ideals have helped South Dakota remain a proudly patriotic state that holds true to the Constitution.

Kitty grew up in Austria under the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler throughout WWII. She was an eye witness to the changes in Austria’s work force, economy, value system, financial status and industry.

She now travels throughout America, speaking for various groups including Eagle Forum, Citizens for Liberty, colleges and business-related events. She has testified in front of the US Congress Armed Services Committee in regard to women’s role in combat; been invited to speak at the American Press Club in Washington, and served as guest speaker for Glenn Beck and other noteworthy radio personalities.

Kitty encourages citizens to be actively involved at all levels of government and education.