Dawn of Global Government


Joel Skousen is publisher of World Affairs Brief–a weekly internet news analysis service. He is a political scientist, by training, specialising in foreign policy, as well as the philosophy of law and US Constitutional theory. Mr.Skousen is a former Marine infantry officer and fighter pilot and is intimately familiar with security and defence issues.During the 1980s he served as the Chairman of the Conservative National Committee in Washington DC, and concurrently as the Executive Editor of Conservative Digest

“My passion is helping readers understand the hidden globalist agenda behind US foreign and domestic policy. It is not enough to recognise America’s economic and political problems. It is more important to understand why we never see change despite changing administrations. If we do learn to recognise the evil conspiring forces that control government, media and education and root out those that write these new laws that forge the chains of tyranny, we will never be able to formulate a effective remedy and will eventually lose our liberty.”