Dawn of Global Government


“My first philosophical “anchor” as an example for living, came from my paternal grandmother Maria, who taught us “the good Lord helps those who help themselves”. Thus I was conditioned, from an early age to be self-sufficient, and to follow my prayers with hard work. Reaching the age of 73, attests to the soundness of this principle, simple, yet powerful.

Born in Romania, in 1939, I survived the Communist tyranny, until 1969, when, together with my son, Adrian, and husband, Julian, we were able to escape that dark period of our lives. Once in the United States, I was perplexed to find a Communist agenda being implemented at all levels here, by people you would have considered above such treason, from ‘regular’ people, to Presidents.

In college I experienced first-hand the drive to dumb-down our youth, so that there would be no way to intelligently ascertain what really is going on. Ignorance is the best ally America’s enemies can buy. That’s why I started to enlighten my friends and acquaintances about the dangers of destroying America from the inside. No decent person can afford to remain passive in the face of the “Progressives” attack on our precious American way of life. Where is the beacon of hope if America is Socialist? There is nowhere else to go. May God bless America!