Dawn of Global Government


A candidate for Governor of Texas in the 2010 Republican primary, Debra Medina garnered 20% of the vote while running against two career politicians, Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Mrs. Medina was recruited by fellow grassroots activists because she was known to the average Texan as hardworking and principled, a true “peoples” candidate. During the campaign she was named one of the 50 most influential Texans in the public policy arena by Politics and Elections Magazine.

While running for Governor Mrs. Medina earned the respect and support of thousands of citizens across Texas and subsequently formed the public policy non-profit organization, We Texans. It is through this organization she and her supporters continue to educate and work on the issues which she fought for during the campaign. We Texans promote public policy legislation which advances and protects private property, State Sovereignty and personal economic liberty.

Married twenty eight years, the Medinas home schooled both of their children. She is a registered nurse founder and CEO of Prudentia, a healthcare consulting firm. Throughout her career she also has worked many years within the Republican Party, serving five years as Chairman of the Wharton County Republican Party.