Dawn of Global Government


Cliven Bundy is a native Nevadan, part of seven generations of ranchers reaching back to the 1870’s. Today he continues this lifelong family tradition, on his ranch in southern Nevada, Clark County with his children and grandchildren. Cliven is a hardworking, honest and fair man, with the desire to do right.

Cliven’s first desire is to be in tune with God, that he might be in tune and do His will. He wants to honor and sustain the Constitution of the United States and uphold its principles. He understands it to be the blueprint that America should follow. A blueprint that would work anywhere in the world bringing forth individual agency, that we might have freedom to do good or evil, we might be able to think and dream, that we might be able to move from place to place, that we might be able to choose our occupation, that we might find happiness in the plot of life, and that all might have justice and liberty. He believes in state sovereignty. He believes in county government being government closest to the people, a place we can exercise our republic form of government, a sheriff having the constitutional jurisdiction and authority, policing and arresting power. A power stronger than that of the United States president and his army. A sheriff elected by the people and paid by the people to protect their life, liberty, and property. We the People, elect our judges and we are the jury. This proper form of government is what Cliven D. Bundy believes in as well as a strong family unit.

This puts him in the fight for property rights. The Constitutional rights of life, liberty and property. Cliven is known as the Last Man Standing in Southern Nevada. He stands for the Constitution, he stands for state sovereignty, he stands for We the People’s rights to enjoy the land, he stands as a producer that converts the desert forage into an edible commodity – BEEF STEAKS!