Dawn of Global Government


Author of 6 books ( two national and international award-winners ). She is a columnist and lecturer based in the Washington, DC Metro area. Her articles-ranging from feature pieces to op-eds-have appeared in Education Week, Chronicles Magazine, The Washington Times, Insight Magazine, National Review, Crisis, The New American, Vital Speeches, The Washington Post, and more. Her areas of expertise include: (a) the psychologizing of schools at the expense of academics and traditional values, (b) exposing and combating tactics of professional agitators in group settings; and (c) threats to individual privacy rights including political profiling, data-mining, and computerised opinion/data-tracking.

Mrs. Eakman began her career as teacher in 1968, fled for fairer fields, and subsequently served as editor-in-chief of NASA’s newspaper, where she wrote (among other things) the technical story ÒDavid, the Bubble Boy.Ó, which was picked up by the popular press and turned into a major motion picture. She has served as chief speechwriter for late Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, for the director of the Voice of America and for heads of various bureau’s within the U.S. Department of Justice.