United Nations Conference on Environment & Development

Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992


Agenda 21 Defined

The original U.N. Agenda 21 ( agenda for the 21st century ) document is 351 pages in length. Just released is now the updated revision called Agenda 2030, which some have called Agenda 21 on steroids. Both would change our existence globally beyond any tyranny previously seen perpetuated against humanity.

We urge you to study the original document, however, key words such as “Sustainable Development” define the true dark purposes and a detailed review would be required to fully comprehend obfuscated meaning. Some of the more disturbing aspects are broken down as represented below.

  • World Government/no sovereign nations
  • All water and food controlled by the United Nations.
  • One world religion
  • One world currency
  • Standardized state run education such as is now unfolding in the
    United Sates with “Common Core”.
  • Unelected technocratic rule.
  • World population reduction by 90%.

This plan is well underway and being implemented without the general knowledge, or approval of most Americans. Once a tipping point is reached there will be little means of reversing the creation of a prison planet envisioned by the global elite.
Picture the feature film: “Hunger Games”…